Pirate Code


Posting any links within the chat is PROHIBITED. If you wish to post a link, a moderator MUST give permission.

There are few exceptions to this rule:

1. Subscribers have the ability to post links without the need for a moderator’s permission. This is a sign of trust and any misuse of such permissions will NOT be tolerated.

2. Direct links to clips are accepted from any user. Any other links to clips will NOT be accepted.

Example: The following https://clips.twitch.tv/RamshacklePrettiestTeaPastaThat would be allowed, while https://www.twitch.tv/burkeblack/clip/RamshacklePrettiestTeaPastaThat would not.

Any links posted MUST still comply with our Pirate Code, in addition to Twitch.TV’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.

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