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The Pirates are YOU, the crew of our mighty ship, The Dirty Skull.

Many years ago, GTA V released, and with it came the introduction of crews. It was at this time Burke, his friends, and his followers, decided to create a crew, calling it 'The Black Crew', in honor of their captain.

Together, they decided that anarchy, chaos, and freedom to do what they wanted, were the core fundamentals of their crew. Some of the first crew rank titles included; Jokers, Wolverines, and other various villain names.

But then, somebody saw the similarities in the crews' core fundamentals and the fundamentals of sea pirates and suggested that the crew don their eye-patches, fill their tankards, pick up their swords, and become 'The Pirates'.

The community rejoiced. Jokers became Corsairs, Wolverines became Buccaneers, and 'The Black Crew' became 'The Pirates'.

The rest is history.

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The Dirty Skull is the name of our mighty ship, on the seas of Twitch.

To join The Dirty Skull Discord, click here.

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Otherwise known as 'TLS', The Late Shift is a team of streamers, including BurkeBlack.

Team Members:

  • BurkeBlack
  • CletusBueford
  • CrReaM
  • GassyMexican

The Late Shift is also the collective name of the team members' communities.

To check out The Late Shift Stream Team, click here.
To join The Late Shift Community Discord, click here.

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Our current adminstrator team:

Head Moderator: jstubbles is our head moderator. He takes care of our moderators, and helps usher in the new generation like a proud papa.

Community Manager: BleuBelladonna is our community manager. Her duties vary, but generally aim towards keeping the channel (and the Captain) organized and looking professional.

Tech Manager: swiftyspiffy is our resident coder, and the father of the Kraken Bot. He makes sure our resident chat bot, the website, the panel and the extension are in top form.

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Our current moderator team:

  • A_p_p_l_e_s
  • Acebravo69
  • Aeovanti
  • BleuBelladonna
  • DianaDD
  • FloofTech
  • Grayfox3d
  • Jstubbles
  • MolleyyOlleyy
  • Mrfarside44
  • Nik9111
  • Nikolai_Von_Imhof
  • NinjaDrop0ut
  • NoirMagic
  • Kagapeme
  • PCKaiju
  • Proboy34
  • Puzuzuu
  • Reapz1901
  • Stonefather
  • Sugarist
  • swiftyspiffy
  • WillyWonka2197
  • Xorshasia
  • xReadyAimMissx

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