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Burke streams Monday through to Saturday, starting at 10PM EST and ending at 8AM EST. Sunday is Burke’s shore leave. All times and dates are subject to change.

To check what time Burke starts in your time zone, click here.

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"Fear The Dirty Skull" by CableSlave

"Burke Black Theme" by Per Kiilstofte

"Conquest Of The Sea" by Peter Crowley

Royalty Free Audio from Pretzel Rocks (DMCA Policy)

Royalty Free Audio from Envato Elements (License)
"Adventure" by Allen Grey (License)
"Adventure Trailer" by MS-Records (License)
"The Drumming" by FASSounds (License)
"Pirate" by WildKittyTunes (License)
"Pirate" by Leto (License)
"Pirates" by Studio Kolomna (License)
"Pirates" by Luca Francini (License)
"The Way of Legends" by The Sixth Gate Music (License)
"Epic War Drums" by Turkay Nisanci (License)

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June 29th, 2013

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July 7th, 2014

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Burke is a variety streamer, so he will play just about any game out there.

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